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How to stay calm during times of worry and fear

Joseph Clough

During times of worry and uncertainty we can become fearful.   In this video I want to talk about how we can stay calm despite negative events which may be happening around us.  

It is extremely important to get clarity and  remain grounded.  We can be completely overwhelmed by social media and the news with what is going on in the world and this can cause a lot of fear and stress.   Therefore we have to be very selective with where we put our attention.  

Let me explain more in this video. 

Why your problem just won't go away

Joseph Clough

Have you ever wondered why your problem just won't go? 
After all you really want it to go, right? 
But for some reason your mind is putting up a fight and simply holding on to it with all its might! 
The bad news... 
No matter what you do consciously, the problem may remain, because the issue is NOT being run at a conscious level. 
The good news... 
You can get your unconscious mind to let it go on your behalf, IFyou give it the right directions. 
The problem is, we were never told how to give our mind the right directions. 
But that all changes today, because within the video below, I will share with you how you can educate your whole mind and body to let go of your issue. 
As a super added bonus to this, when you start to apply what I say, your mind will begin to do it on your behalf in the future. 

How cool is that? 

Are you Ready? If so, click play!